This is an ettempt to explain difficult/strange words from this documentation. Send all your suggestions for this page to LA6CU. Autobin : A protocole for transfer of binary files via radio-ports. Supported by several terminal-programs. DLL : DLL is Dynamic Link Library. This is used in the windows environment and allows a program to attach a library which holds some code during the session or only during a phase of a program (like filters in FBB). This allows a very fast and efficient mechanism. Also DLL may be compact. DPMI : Dos Protected Mode Interface. It enables Ms-Dos based applications to access all the extended memory installed in the PC maintaining system protection. DosFBB uses it, so it is not limited to the memory below 1Mb and PG/SERVERS have more that 500Kb of memory to run. GPF : Windows error-message. Means that the BBS has performed an action that has caused a General Protection Failure. VXD : VXD is more complex. I don't know exactly but they are something like drivers for Windows using 32 bit code. YAPP : "Yet Another Packet Program". Originally a program by WA7MBL for simple transfer of binary files on packet radio. The protocol from his program is widely known as the YAPP-protocol. Xforward : Another kind of compressed forward, implemented in FBB. This page was last updated 17-Apr-99