ESS.COM: (Only for DosFBB)

 ESS is an async port driver optimized for FBB software. It can drive either
TNC2/PK232/clones or KAM.

 This small device driver is loaded as resident at the beginning of the
machine initialization (TSR).

 One ESS handles one serial line and makes use of one IRQ.

 The COM number, the address of the serial interface and the IRQ number are
given as parameters appended to the command line. The address should be given
as a FOUR digit hex number.

 Example : Install ESS for COM1 at hex 03F8 and using IRQ 4 :
 ESS 1 03F8 4

 If only the COM number is specified, the address and the IRQ will default to
the standard DOS value. Thus ESS 1 would have had the same effect than the

 Any address or IRQ number can be specified. Carefully check that the address
and the IRQ number match the board you intend to use, special attention
should be given to the IRQ number which should not already be used by another
peripheral device in the machine. On a PC the IRQ's can not usually be

 Should there be more than one port to handle, several ESS can be cascaded.
The IRQ should be different for each ESS, except for the case in which the
interrupt sharing is supported by the serial card used.

 Example :

 ESS 1 03F8 4
 ESS 2 02F8 3

 This sequence will load ESS's for COM1 and COM2.

 ESS accommodates also the muxing arrangement of serial ports.

 Version 1.08 of ESS-driver (included with DosFBB distribution)
 must be used with the MUX ! 

This page was last updated 17-Apr-99