The BBS software offers various servers which are triggered when machinable
messages are received. The number of offered servers is is without limit.

 The servers are activated when receiving a message whose destination had
been given at the end of the INIT.SRV file.

Declaration of servers at the end of INIT.SRV :

 # List of servers :
 # Destination  Name of program
 # End of file INIT.SRV

 Servers are exec programs whose behaviour is explained in appendix 9. They
should be found in the directory containing the exec program SERV.EXE and the
configuration file INIT.SRV.

 When a private message is received, whose destination is defined in the
INIT.SRV file, the corresponding program to the destination is called with
the name of a temporary file on the command line. This temporary file
contains a message function of the requested server (see description of
servers below).

 At the completion of the server program, the incoming mail file is checked
to import an answer, should there be one. The message addressed to the server
is erased after this processing.  The temporary file must be erased by the

 Various services can be developped, time available has its limits, but the
imagination has not !

REQDIR : Request directory-listing from a BBS's files-area.
REQFIL : Request an ASCII-file from a remote BBS.
NEWDOC : Update DOC-area of the BBS.
REQCFG : Request a list of the BBS's configuration.
MULTI  : Send multippel identical messages to different adressees.

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