(for each language)

Specific language files like

 These various files have the names of the languages followed by the suffixes
TXT, HLP, ENT, or INF. They may content variables and are searched for in the
directory holding the files (SYSTEM\LANG).

 TXT : file which contains text used during the operation of the software.
Each line is associated to a text used by the software. The number of lines
must not be altered, except for the comment lines which are not taken into
account (lines beginning with a # in the first column).

 HLP : Help file called by the ? or H command. The help is refered to a word
following the command, (ex: ? HELP). Each help block should begin with a line
of a special format.

 ENT : Optional file displayed on the user connection, between the header and
the list of commands. The FRANCAIS.ENT file will be displayed if it exists
and if the caller uses french language.
There are also special files MODEM.ENT and TELNET.ENT for modem/telnet.

 NEW : Same as ENT above, but shown only ONCE for each user. 

 INF : File displayed when the command "I" is used. If the file does not
exist, the display of the ! command will take place.

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